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5 Tips to start your week with SEO - Part 7 5 Tips to start your week with SEO - Part 7
SEO doesn’t have to be scary – even on the week of Halloween! Find our latest SEO tips below. Keep visitors on your site If your site has a very high bounce rate, or very low visit length, then Google takes this as a signal and could reduce your ranking as a result. Encourage external reviews Google has actually admitted that it uses reviews from third-party sites as a signal of legitimacy and quality. Google+ is obviously the best place to focus your efforts, but FreeIndex and Yelp are also good places to encourage reviews. Use Analytics Though it’s never been definitively proven that having Google...
5 Tips to start your week with SEO - Part 6 5 Tips to start your week with SEO - Part 6
Hope you all had a brilliant weekend and are ready for another week! To kick off, here is another set of 5 SEO tips Always use Ts&Cs and Privacy Policy Google uses these as small factor in gauging a websites trust and legitimacy, so ensure you include them. Also remember that these can be legally binding, so make sure you are happy with everything included within them! Avoid Server Downtime If your site has an awful lot of server downtime it can affect your ranking. Leave a breadcrumb trail If you have a large site with lots of subpages, then definitely consider ‘breadcrumb navigation’. You would...
5 Tips to start your week with SEO - Part 5 5 Tips to start your week with SEO - Part 5
Welcome to another Monday and another week! As always, the team at Creating Media are raring to go, and have carefully selected a few more top tips for improving your SEO. Check your links aren’t broken It’s worth checking your content for broken links every now and then, especially if you link out to external sites which may have gone down or changed address. There are plenty of tools to do this online, just google ‘broken link checker’ Check for code errors While you’re checking for broken links, also check for broken code using the W3C validator – one or two errors shouldn’t be cause for...
5 Tips to start your week with SEO - Part 4 5 Tips to start your week with SEO - Part 4
This weeks SEO tips are a little later than usual, but there is still plenty of time to implement them in your strategy. Do NOT duplicate content Never steal content from someone elses site for a whole range of reasons – it is often copyright infringement, and is also bad for SEO (especially if you steal from a site that ranks better than you as you will be competing directly with them). Looking at other peoples websites can often be a good starting point for content but ensure that it is sufficiently rewritten. Always use image alt tags We did mention this back in...
Ways to stay creative! Ways to stay creative!
We ADORE this infographic about how to stay creative. We love the illustrative style and great typography of the image, as well as the fabulous advice. Creativity is a strange beast that we deal with every day in our world, and we find that when things become a little stale a change of scenery can really help – some of the most productive team brainstorms we have held have been off-site at places like St Pierre or Sawyers Bar & Grill (our lovely clients!). Putting some music on can also help stretch the creative muscles, and get fresh ideas flowing. Take a look...
5 Top Tips for making the most of LinkedIn 5 Top Tips for making the most of LinkedIn
Here at Creating Media we love LinkedIn. The whole team are on there, as well as our company page. However, we have plenty of pet hates of badly constructed profiles (which are thankfully very easy to fix!). Is LinkedIn not performing as well as you’d like for you? Take a look at our top tips below and maybe you’ll spot some aspects of your profile which you can improve in just a few minutes. Customised URL Adding a shortened URL is so easy and has so many benefits, it’s a wonder that more people don’t do it! It makes you easier to...
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