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Brilliant Business Show from Sterling Integrity in Cardiff next Friday! Brilliant Business Show from Sterling Integrity in Cardiff next Friday!
At the Creating Media office we are getting really excited about the Sterling Integrity show on 6thDecember in Cardiff. Sterling Integrity run a range of shows across South Wales and the South West, and next year are spreading up towards the Midlands. In the run-up to their packed and exciting 2014 show season we have collaborated with them on their design work for a small logo refresh and design of their brochures, business cards and show programmes. We started by brainstorming a new strapline for their logo with Neil and Tracey, and came up with a toss-up between ‘Brilliant Business Shows’ and ‘Business Shows the Work’...
Creating Media Work - Purple Shoots Creating Media Work - Purple Shoots
Creating Media are just in the process of finalising a very exciting project for Purple Shoots – a new start-up. Purple Shoots have an angel investor, and are loaning out small amounts of the money to start-up businesses across South Wales, as well as offering business mentoring to really get the businesses on their feet. It was such a great idea, and Karen, the brains behind the business, and Bob Shepherd, her business partner, were so fantastic to work with and passionate about the project that we really couldn’t wait to get cracking! We began, as usual, with the logo design, establishing the visual direction for...
Kickstarter Favourites - Mobile Safe Case Kickstarter Favourites - Mobile Safe Case
This week in the Creating Media office we have been loving the Mobile Safe Case. Although the product seems to be mostly aimed at travellers from the project outline, we think it’s generally a fantastic product for anyone with lots of memory (or SIM) cards floating about – they really do always seem to get lost, particularly as they are getting continually smaller. As a creative agency we have lots of memory cards – from cameras, phones and more. They are always getting lost and mixed up, so a secure case to carry them in is just genius, particularly with the sticky, grippy pad...
Creating Media Work - Breweld Creating Media Work - Breweld
Creating Media have been working on the new website for Breweld. Breweld are wonderful local business – highly specialised welders for the food and drink industry, particularly creating brewhouse set-ups and bottling plants. We took the idea of the welding sparks to make the background of the site, and then used what is known as a ‘fixed’ background, allowing the content to scroll while the background image stays still. We used a classy white-on-black theme, which works really well with the sleek images of shiny metalwork and welding. During the course of the project, the client got very busy with new contracts, and...
Creating Media Work - The Bay Horse Speaks Logo & Banner Stand Creating Media Work - The Bay Horse Speaks Logo & Banner Stand
Creating Media are currently in the process of designing a new visual brand for The Bay Horse Speaks, a business offering horse-led development courses for teams and individuals. We created the logo by drawing Emma’s own horse, Hermione, who is a bay-coloured horse (hence the business name). For brand colours we used the ‘bay horse’ shade of brown, and British Racing Green, as it is a complementary colour that instantly represents speed and teamwork. We then went on to design a banner stand for The Bay Horse Speaks – take a look below at the design next to the client’s picture of it erected...
Kickstarter Favourites - Chipolo Kickstarter Favourites - Chipolo
This week in the Creating Media office we have discovered a kickstarter that is absolutely perfect for us –Chipolo. Every time anyone is off out to a client meeting, or milk run to the shops, or of out to post one of our lovely marketing cards, there is the same reaction ‘where are the keys?’. The keys to the Creating Media Mini are constantly going walkabout, and with this device we would be able to attach a little funky keyring and use a mobile app to ‘zone in’ on them, or even make them sound a horn. (The photo used on...
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