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How fast does the web move? How fast does the web move?
We just discovered this great infographic on the Gizmodo website. It’s a little staggering how much can happen on the web in just one small minute – every minute 24 hours a day (that’s 1440 minutes per day – that’s nearly 60 MILLION facebook status updates). Hard figures to get your head around, to be honest. It does  raise an interesting question of quality over quantity though – just how many of the 72 hours of video uploaded to youtube every single minute of the day is footage of cats, or people falling off skateboards? How many of the 204 million emails are...
5 pros and 5 cons of Design Industry Regulation 5 pros and 5 cons of Design Industry Regulation
Time and again the same argument comes up – is design industry regulation a good idea? As a design company we are always trying to conduct ourselves in the professional way our clients expect, however not all designers are as conscientious. With no professional accreditation required, or recognised industry bodies it can be a minefield for clients to know whether the designer they are sizing up is what they say. You could say there are many pros to design industry regulation: It sets parameters for both parties to follow There would be a set pricing structure based on instinct, overheads and approximations It would...
Usk Show, Monmouthshire Rebrand and Website Usk Show, Monmouthshire Rebrand and Website
We are really excited to announce our latest website going live – for the local Farmer’s Club annual event Usk Show. We were chosen out of 4 local designers who pitched to the committee to completely rebrand the Usk Show – like many agricultural shows they were very behind the times in terms of branding and online presence. We created a gorgeous logo for them incorporating the show marquee, a tree and little figures to represent the various aspects of the show – a family day out as well as competition for sheep, cattle and horses. The theme also contains some lovely colourful...
Monmouth Comprehensive School Website Monmouth Comprehensive School Website
Monmouth Comprehensive School approached Creating Media along with several other local companies, to choose a new designer to create a new expansive website for the school. They chose to replace their existing monnoodle website, as they felt it was too plain and outdated. Thier key goals for the new website was that it could be controlled by them, by an easy to use Content Management System (CMS) that would require little training for the team to pick up. Creating Media also wanted to make the site aesthetically pleasing by the inclusion of a slider that is based on the school aims. The site has various...
It's amazing what a bit of vitamin D can do for business. It's amazing what a bit of vitamin D can do for business.
You might have noticed that at the moment Britain isn’t exactly feeling like it’s normal gloomy self. We’re in the middle of a scorching heatwave, seasides are full to bursting and toursist locations across the country are thriving. How about the sport front – just after the comedown from the 2012 Olympics, we’re still winning any and every sport going – with triumphs for Andy Murray at Wimbledon, Chris Froome at the Tour de France, the British Lions, England at the Ashes. Royalists are on a buzz from the Royal Baby Fever, and everyone is just generally happy. This is having...
Michelle on Women Outside The Box Festival Michelle on Women Outside The Box Festival
Our very own Michelle will be presenting a seminar for our sister brand Umami at the Women Outside the Box Festival in Bristol this October – check out the video for more information! ...
Wales True Taste Awards Scrapped Wales True Taste Awards Scrapped
As a business based in Wales, and an office full of foodies, we were quite surprised this week to discover that the Wales True Taste Awards are being scrapped this year. The aim of the awards was to reward businesses which create delicious Welsh ingredients, or great dishes using those ingredients. Here in Monmouthshire we had our fair share of winners last year, from preserve makers to poultry farmers, and a thriving local food scene. I can’t quite understand the reason for the schemes demise – from reading the statement released by the Welsh Assembly Government they seem to be concentrating more on working...
Michelle on Business Growth During the Recession Michelle on Business Growth During the Recession
Creating Media’s own business guru Michelle Dalley on how we created growth in our business during the recession, and what you can do to build your own business too! ...
Two Very Different Architecture Awards Two Very Different Architecture Awards
Here at Creating Media we are passionate about all kinds of design – so we’ve been looking at the World Architecture Festival Architecture Awards, and its slightly less glamorous cousin the Carbuncle Cup. From looking at the Architecture Festival nominated pictures on the BBC website it’s obvious that not everything is everyone’s cup of tea, but I personally love the Vietnamese cafe and Danish aquarium – I love the way that they incorporate very organic feeling shapes and design elements. The wood in the cafe in particular is just gorgeous; it would be like having dinner in the middle of a jungle with those...
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