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A slight rant on the new Nintendo design... A slight rant on the new Nintendo design...
So yesterday gaming giant Nintendo announced the new ‘2DS’ – a budget version of the already popular 3DS, but without the 3D effects. Personally I was a bit confused by the entire concept – the only difference from the established DS is that a) it can play 3DS games (but without the 3D effects that many of them use as a gimmick) and b) it is utterly HIDEOUS. I’m sorry, but from a design point of view, how did this ever get past the army of committees in Nintendo HQ? Look at it. Go on, look at it. Would you pay...
Umami are Monmouthshire Business Award Finalists! Umami are Monmouthshire Business Award Finalists!
We are EXTREMELY excited, as last night we found out that our sister brand Umami have been shortlisted for the Monmouthshire Business Award in Excellence in Marketing! We’re so excited to get through to the final of this well-respected award – dubbed the ‘Oscars of Welsh business’. Umami has been shortlisted for the marketing work we’ve been beavering away at, including our innovative high-quality targeted mailshot, and active social media approach. The next stage includes filming a short interview at a local landmark, then final judging before the winners are announced at a glitzy event at the St Pierre on October 11th – We’re already...
How to choose a web designer How to choose a web designer
We have recently published a blog on what to do if you’re getting ready to create a website – but today we’re going to look at the process before you come to choose a web designer. A lot of this can be transferred to choosing any sort of designer – for your logo or brochure design for example, but I will be focussing mainly on web design, as it’s often a confusing and jargon-riddled process for anyone who doesn’t know their CMS from their CSS. The first thing you need to think about is why are you getting a website in the first...
New Creating Media Mini preview New Creating Media Mini preview
We’ll be posting little snippets of the design for the new Creating Media Mini across our social media for the next 2 days, all in preparation for the grand unveiling of the new signwriting! We’ll be running a competition on twitter when the new signwriting is unveiled – snap a picture of the newly branded mini with #creatingmediamini or @creatingmedia to be in with a chance of winning a lovely treat (we were debating in the office – think it’s probably going to be a lovely bottle of fizz!) So here’s your first snippet – make sure you check our G+, LinkedIn and brand new shiny Facebook...
To Google Drive or Dropbox? That is the question... To Google Drive or Dropbox? That is the question...
Google Drive moves in on Dropbox. At Creating Media we have long been fans of the awesome Dropbox.   As a team it allows us to share files, images, briefs and designs online without clogging up our already very busy and large email boxes.  When you are creating logos and brands the files are very high resolution so sending them out to clients across South Wales and far beyond, plus between the team it means that they take up a lot of space.  Dropbox means that we can all view the file up there “in the cloud”. For client work we can then take this a step further and set up shared Dropbox folders...
Creating Media and Usk Show in Chepstow Voice Magazine Creating Media and Usk Show in Chepstow Voice Magazine
At Creating Media we seem to be gathering press at the moment! We recently spotted a mention in the local Chepstow Voice magazine (August issue), about the design work we did for Usk Show. Take a look at our mention in the article, and read the whole magazine online for lots of local news. ...
Why are you with your bank? Would you switch because of brand? Why are you with your bank? Would you switch because of brand?
We’ve been reading the news that from September 16th we’ll be able to change our bank account provider very easily in just 7 days. It looks like it will just be a case of going on the switching service website and choosing who you want to move to – your new bank will then pick up everything from there and even transfer your direct debits and standing orders. It seems like a great idea, especially as most people these days only change their bank account on average once in 26 years. There are probably a lot of people who have never changed in their life, and...
Why marketing is always important - even for Mini Why marketing is always important - even for Mini
For anyone who didn’t see the video on Friday – our very own Michelle was displayed on a cutting-edge Mini ‘Art Beat’, a Countryman covered in 48000 LEDs to show videos and animations onto the streets of London. The Mini Art Beat project is a very cool concept – the Mini is streamed live around the clock on the web, and anyone can upload an image or video to be displayed alongside their message. It made us wonder why Mini have gone to all this expense and trouble – this sort of campaign would be perfect for building a viral buzz...
Step-by-step guide to what you need for a website Step-by-step guide to what you need for a website
So you’re considering changing your website and need to know what you need to do next? While us web designers can take care of the creative visuals, design elements and complicated code to make sure you have a great website, there are certain things that we need you to take care of such as copywriting and domain access. They are often simple things that just get forgotten about, but very often end up slowing down projects. Below is a simple step-by-step guide to work through, which will make the project go as fast as possible. Ensure your logo is fit for purpose. Your...
What's the fracking problem? What's the fracking problem?
Here at the office we’ve been ogling this lovely website this morning – it’s like a huge, interactive infographic all about the dangers of fracking. It’s all done in a beautiful, contemporary graphic style, using blocks of simple colours and quite a limited palette. This keeps it fresh and engaging, despite being quite a technical and boring subject. As you scroll up and down the website little icons ‘stick’ to the top of your view, giving the main facts in little bitesize chunks, a great way to remind you of what you’ve read and cement the facts. The best part is that all this style...
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