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A slight rant on the new Nintendo design...
Author: Victoria Jones

So yesterday gaming giant Nintendo announced the new ‘2DS’ – a budget version of the already popular 3DS, but without the 3D effects. Personally I was a bit confused by the entire concept – the only difference from the established DS is that a) it can play 3DS games (but without the 3D effects that many of them use as a gimmick) and b) it is utterly HIDEOUS. I’m sorry, but from a design point of view, how did this ever get past the army of committees in Nintendo HQ?

Nintendo 2DS

Look at it. Go on, look at it. Would you pay over £100 (RRP for the UK is set to be £109.99) for this apparently ‘affordable’ slab of plastic? I genuinely thought I’d missed some sort of ‘April Fools’ type prank when I read the announcement – the console looks like something from the 80s gone wrong. Why have they got rid of the folding feature that has been a staple of handheld Nintendo consoles since the late 90s? What is the point of having two separate screens unless the are separated by some sort of… hinge or something? The only advantage to making a hideous slab of a consoles is to have a huge screen – which this doesn’t even have! Frankly, I’m totally baffled. I just can’t see anyone buying one of these to carry around in their pocket or bag. It won’t even fit!

Article by Victoria, of the 90s gameboy generation

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