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Google's Mobilegeddon - the 10 things you need to know Google's Mobilegeddon - the 10 things you need to know
You might have heard a lot recently about changes to Google which affect how they rank sites which are not mobile-friendly. Many people are calling these recent updates ‘mobilegeddon’ and claiming that anyone without a mobile site is about to lose any traffic they may be receiving from Google search – sounds pretty scary right? Actually, there is a lot of scaremongering happening, and the affect to most people is probably much smaller than you might think. Here are 10 points to help you understand the recent Google changes. What is responsive web design? Responsive web design is fast becoming the new standard...
iPhone 6 - The First Look? iPhone 6 - The First Look?
  We hate to get our hopes up but we think that we have just seen the first review of the new iPhone 6!  Still not sure if it is 100% real but it would be really cool if it is.  In our office I am the only iPhone person left, everyone else has gone to Android…but is it possible these new features could bring them back?   What do you think? (Video above – translation available here) Article by Michelle ...
Kickstarter favourites - LIX 3D Drawing Pen Kickstarter favourites - LIX 3D Drawing Pen
  At Creating Media we love a good nerdy gadget – and we ADORE this Kickstarter project for a 3D printing pen. We have been keeping an eye on the latest developments in 3D printing technology, and this one really is an awesome step forward. Of course, we saw the previous incarnations of 3D printing pens but they didn’t appeal as they were large, clunky and noisy. The next step on is this project from LIX – a real sized pen that plugs into a USB socket to heat plastic and let you draw in mid-air. It really needs to be seen to...
We recommend widespread password changes following worldwide security bug We recommend widespread password changes following worldwide security bug
Creating Media are advising all of our clients to change their passwords as soon as possible, following a huge security leak in one of the worlds most prominent password encryption services. The bug – known as ‘Heartbleed’ is suspected of harvesting passwords over the last 2 years from any site using OpenSSL (these include Yahoo, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook) – so be sure to go back through any service you may have used and change your passwords. Focus on banking, email and any sites containing sensitive data first, before moving on to social media and shopping sites. Also, security firms are...
Return of the Mobile Safe Case! Return of the Mobile Safe Case!
You might remember that we recently blogged about the Mobile Safe Case Kickstarter? Well guess what arrived in the post? Our very own Mobile Safe Case, along with a lovely note thanking us for the blog! Very exciting and a lovely thought! It’s great to know the product has been successfully funded and looks brilliant in-the-flesh – go and check it out at   ...
Kickstarter Favourites - Chipolo Kickstarter Favourites - Chipolo
This week in the Creating Media office we have discovered a kickstarter that is absolutely perfect for us –Chipolo. Every time anyone is off out to a client meeting, or milk run to the shops, or of out to post one of our lovely marketing cards, there is the same reaction ‘where are the keys?’. The keys to the Creating Media Mini are constantly going walkabout, and with this device we would be able to attach a little funky keyring and use a mobile app to ‘zone in’ on them, or even make them sound a horn. (The photo used on...
Apple iPhone - what's next? Apple iPhone - what's next?
So I hope I’m not the only one finding the new Apple iPhones unveiled this morning a little… underwhelming. With the leaps and bounds forward in Android technology (for example, the Nokia Lumia’s nighttime camera, and unveiling of the new Android KitKat version to be coming soon) and the rumours flying around about potential Apple innovations in the run-up to the launch, a reskinned OS, pretty colours on the cases and a fingerprint sensor just aren’t enough to get anyone in the office excited. I think Apple have placed themselves in a strange position – they have released a ‘budget’ version...
Lots of news in the smartphone world! Lots of news in the smartphone world!
So yesterday we had the big news that Windows are finally buying out Nokia – I have to say it hardly came as a surprise since the only phones that Nokia now make are Windows-based, and Nokia are the only phone manufacturer that fully adopted the Windows OS (Other manufacturers, such as HTC and Samsung, still use Android on the majority of their phones). But what does the news mean? I thought initially that it would make it easier for Microsoft to finally make the jump from computers to phones – but then Apple have made that jump with no problem...
How fast does the web move? How fast does the web move?
We just discovered this great infographic on the Gizmodo website. It’s a little staggering how much can happen on the web in just one small minute – every minute 24 hours a day (that’s 1440 minutes per day – that’s nearly 60 MILLION facebook status updates). Hard figures to get your head around, to be honest. It does  raise an interesting question of quality over quantity though – just how many of the 72 hours of video uploaded to youtube every single minute of the day is footage of cats, or people falling off skateboards? How many of the 204 million emails are...
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