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The Illustration Awakens - Star Wars the Force Awakens Illustrative Designs The Illustration Awakens - Star Wars the Force Awakens Illustrative Designs
One of the things we love, just as much as the work we do, is Star Wars. Being fans since young and the inspiration and ideas it gave us, we especially love the illustrations shown on the Design Taxi blog counting down the release of the new Star Wars film which we are all looking forward to going to see. Except Michelle, she’s not a fan, but does enjoy the graphics! In our free time we enjoy some good old fashioned lightsabre battles, especially in the dark with our light up lightsabres. It makes for a wonderful light show! We do get the...
Colours to watch out for later this year Colours to watch out for later this year
You may have heard of Pantone – the international standard of colour which we spoke about in our recent blog on design terms worth learning. What you may not realise is that Pantone constantly track the trends in popular colours, and make predictions for what colours will be popular in coming months and years. They do this by polling designers across the worlds of fashion, industrial and graphic design to discover what their current go-to palettes are. By looking at the trends across a range of top designers, they can see where the market will be going in a few months time. Recently,...
Have you met Monty yet? Our thoughts on the John Lewis Christmas Ad Have you met Monty yet? Our thoughts on the John Lewis Christmas Ad
November has started, which means that even if you hate to admit it, the Christmas season is unavoidably upon us. Nothing heralds this better than the launch of the new John Lewis advert – which has become more of a harbinger of glad tidings and festive spirit than the notorious ‘Holidays are Coming’ Coca Cola ad that inevitably gets trotted out every year. I will put my cards on the table right now, and say that I love Christmas. However I don’t normally like the John Lewis Christmas advert that much as I find it all a bit contrived. The first...
Google My Business - what exactly is it? Google My Business - what exactly is it?
In the last few days you may have heard of a new Google service – ‘My Business’. But what is this new service that got ushered in overnight? How does it affect users that already have a Google+ or Google Places account?     Essentially, Google My Business is a new dashboard to manage all the Google Services your business already uses from one place. Places, Plus, YouTube, Analytics, Reviews, Insights and Hangouts are now all easily accessible from the link. If you already have a Google+ page or Places/Maps listing you should already be subscribed for the services, and emails are...
New Year round up - A good 2013, a great 2014! New Year round up - A good 2013, a great 2014!
2013 has been a fantastic year for Creating Media, with lots of new clients and connections to create lovely new work for! Our sister company Umami was also nominated for an Excellence in Marketing Monmouthshire Business Award, though lost out to worthy competitors Hicks Logistics – there’s always this year though! Our favourite projects are always the ones where we take a new startup, or an established company in need of a refresh, and work from the ground up to create a new brand. This can cover logo design, website design, and printed marketing materials such as business cards, signage, banner stands, stationery, flyers and...
Apples, Sustainability and local business on Radio 4! Apples, Sustainability and local business on Radio 4!
Today we heard that a fantastic local farm & farm shop, Hanley Farm Shop, have been featured on Radio 4’s Farming Today programme. They are talking all about the organic label, and whether it does more harm than good. Listen to it on Radio 4’s iPlayer . It’s great to hear a local company get a national spotlight – especially one that is linked so closely with many things we’re passionate about at Creating Media, like great food, local issues and sustainability. Hanley Farm Shop is a fantastic local shop, selling beautiful products from a converted barn on Tidenham Chase (a great road with stunning...
Usk Show Stand Usk Show Stand
So after a week we have finally recovered from Usk Show – Who came to visit our lovely Creating Mediastand? For anyone who missed it, take a look at the photo and tell us what you think! ...
Kraken Rum Tentacles Kraken Rum Tentacles
Over the weekend, during the ‘Festival No. 6’ food festival at Portmeirion in North Wales (Nice little reference to The Prisoner there…) a 30 foot tentacle washed up on the beach. This mysterious occurrence was actually part of a (fantastic!) marketing stunt by Kraken Rum as part of the festival – where they served up pieces of ‘kraken tentacle’ which were actually rich fruit cake soaked in the rum. The staff at the event were dressed in old fashioned diving suits – as fully suited ‘kraken hunters’. The whole things just sounds like a really great idea carried out really well...
It's amazing what a bit of vitamin D can do for business. It's amazing what a bit of vitamin D can do for business.
You might have noticed that at the moment Britain isn’t exactly feeling like it’s normal gloomy self. We’re in the middle of a scorching heatwave, seasides are full to bursting and toursist locations across the country are thriving. How about the sport front – just after the comedown from the 2012 Olympics, we’re still winning any and every sport going – with triumphs for Andy Murray at Wimbledon, Chris Froome at the Tour de France, the British Lions, England at the Ashes. Royalists are on a buzz from the Royal Baby Fever, and everyone is just generally happy. This is having...
Wild Garlic carpets in Monmouthshire Wild Garlic carpets in Monmouthshire
I can still remember walking in the woods with my husband and our weimaraner Dragon just before we moved to Monmouthshire.  The woods were somewhere between Chepstow and Usk, lush green, stream flowing through it, perfect country walk. There was a smell, really powerful in the dewy morning and I could not believe that it smelt just like garlic. Everywhere. Wild garlic is a wonderful thing, like a carpet in the forest, really pretty and found around the bluebells.  It has pretty white flowers but the key part for cooking is the green leaves, you can use the flowers but really...
Innocent's perfect International Women's Day post Innocent's perfect International Women's Day post
Here at Creating Media we love the quirky, individual brand and marketing approach of innocent drinks. One of Michelle’s favourite books about business and marketing is ‘Our Story and Some Things We've Learned’ by the innocent founders. That’s why, when we saw this post on International Women’s Day it made total sense. An irreverent, sarcastic and silly response with a more serious message behind it – it perfectly reflects innocent’s strong ethical stance and fun, quirky communications.   (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src =...
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