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Gorgeous Harry Potter book redesigns
Author: Victoria Jones

Being in my early 20s, I am absolutely of the generation that was Harry-Potter barmy as children. I remember racing my friends to finish the new instalments of the series when they came out, and all the other general Potter madness that seemed to prevail in the late 90s and early 00s. Those sorts of childhood favourite books always remain special, and the Harry Potter books definitely still have a very unique place in my heart.

So I absolutely adore these new design concepts by Hungarian student Kincso Nagy of each of the 7 Harry Potter books. They feature geometric, abstract laser-cut designs to the cover (that perfectly represent key items in the plotlines), and lovely spot gloss print. They are Harry Potter books for grown-ups, and so beautiful and classy.


BUT WAIT – THERE’S MORE. These books also glow in the dark for a truly magical Hogwarts experience!


They also feature lovely illustrations throughout, many of which are interactive in some way. A dragon egg hatching, and centrefold of the spooky Forbidden Forest or a portrait moving to reveal a hidden passageway – all inventive ways to show the magical world the books take place in. I particularly love the use of single-colour themes and the spattered colouring effect.


Check out more stunning pictures and the designers commentary over on her behance page.

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