Our Top 5 SEO Myths 2016 Our Top 5 SEO Myths 2016
With a brilliant and relaxing start to the year we decided to name our top 5 SEO myths to ditch in 2016. SEO is a very important aspect to us, it’s something we enjoy helping our clients with. Today we use SEO in many ways to help make your website perform and give your visitors a brilliant experience when it comes to quality of content when visiting sites. We are also familiar with linking a user’s site with keywords based on their mission aims for the business, this allows you to work out the kind of audience you want and how to...
Brands in 2016 - this time it's personal! Brands in 2016 - this time it's personal!
Everyone at Creating Media wishes you a Happy New Year! And with a shiny new year, it means we are looking forward to exciting new trends in design and marketing for the coming year... It has been an ongoing trend for several years – brands have been becoming more and more personal. 2016 will be the year that all brands will be expected to be more focused on a personalised, friendly brand experience for all users. Some great examples of brand utilising great personalisation are the famous Coca Cola named bottles – it’s touching an individual out there and giving them a...