Benefits of Using Our New E-Commerce Website

Online retail is continuing to grow at an increasing rate

Find completely new customers

Business to Customer (B2C) to complement your (B2B) Business to Business clients

Low start-up costs

Sell straight away

Opportunity to clear old/unwanted stock

Sell online instead of face to face

Build a stronger brand

Discourage customers from switching brand loyalty

Clear unused stock to an online audience

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ECommerce Process


How to Launch an Online Store

We have worked on ecommerce sites many times over the years, but we have finally found a system we can fully recommend and can mobilise quickly.

It works as an add-on to your existing site for an example see and the Ecommerce shop is or as a stand-alone ecommerce site.

This site we developed rapidly so our client can mobilise Business to Customer to complement its existing Business to Business channels.

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An ecommerce site with excellent design and great functionality means revenue for you…

We use the leading ecommerce website builder

Your ecommerce website is search engine optimisation friendly

Responsive / scaling and multi-platform so mobile, tablet, laptop and desk top friendly

Included encryption and SSL

£40.00 a month
for the Standard package (ongoing third-party payment included)

£1200.00 to £3000.00
to design and set it up and test (one-off fee)

Tons of other features (see below list plus more)

No extra charge for products storage or bandwidth
Manage inventory at the product option level so you can always provide accurate information to customers
Feeds into Facebook, Pinterest, eBay, Amazon and Square POS - to process all your orders from a single location
Our one-page checkout reduces friction
It even has a mobile app so you can manage orders, view customer details, and access key performance metrics for running your business on-the-go
Choose a reputable Payment Gateway that’s already integrated
Our rock-solid ecommerce hosting has a 99.99% average uptime — and a 100% Cyber 5 uptime three years running
The only ecommerce builder on the market which lets you sell physical, digital, and service-based products without having to use an app
Use our comprehensive CMS to effortlessly manage products and categories, add and edit pages, or launch a blog with no additional software needed
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Driving Sales — Checklist for Launching an Online Store

The Covid-19, Coronavirus epidemic is having unprecedented impact on businesses across the UK.

Maybe you need to generate a new revenue stream? Perhaps you’ve always wanted your own online shop (ecommerce)? You may have stock that is costing money in storage, that you need to sell.

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Creating Media have been building ecommerce websites for over twenty years. To help you get started, here’s a snapshot of what’s included in the FREE Creating Media online store building and marketing checklist:

  • Who is your target customer?
  • What security do you need to consider?
  • Which payment gateway to choose to accept online orders?
  • What costs do you need to consider?
  • What happens when your store is open and how can you market it to drive sales?
Ecommerce Stores for Businesses