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PPC for Google AdWords Services

At Creating Media we offer a pay-per-click package with Google Adwords for local and national companies and businesses, our top local areas are; Monmouthshire, Newport/Gwent, Bristol and Gloucestershire.

We offer two options for our Pay-Per-Click and AdWords packages the Ignition and the Accelerate packages, each with their own individual features indicated below showing what you get for each package and its monthly cost. Our PPC packages offer you the choice of keywords, keyword phrases and long tail keywords you need to have in your campaign and how many ad groups you need to include for each advert created for Google.

When creating an AdWord campaign, you are taking the tools of direct marketing and bringing them to an online audience, but unlike the traditional print audience, you'll see results of your ads within days and in some cases, a few hours. Creating an AdWords campaign involves several steps and one of the most important steps is that the research marketing has been done correctly. You can stipulate how much money you want to spend each day so your marketing budget is controlled. After the goals are established then the Objectives and targets can be discussed and agreed. It need not be costly and a budget should be established on a sliding scale when directly attributable enquiries and sales result from the campaign.

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Account Setup and Build

We work setting up and creating a new Google AdWords account for you ready to start your campaign.

Keywords Amount in Campaign

Amount of keywords, keyword phrases and long tail we will add to your campaign relating to the products and audience for your adverts.

10 15
Keyword Research

We will carry out keyword research to pick the perfect keywords, keyword phrases and long tail keywords to use for your campaign and ads for each of your ad goals.

Number of Ad Groups

We use ad groups to organise your ads by a common themes and for the different audiences and services on your adverts.

10 20
Text Ads

The generic ad format used by most ads to display information for enticing a customer to visit your site.

Image Ads

Very similar to our text ads but with the exception of using an image to show customers your service.

Initial Campaign Development & Strategy

Together we will work in developing a campaign strategy with you and your end goal for using PPC and Adwords.

Competitor Analysis

Using special tools, we can research your top competitors and what they are including in their ads and the keywords they are using, whether similar or different to yours.

Ad Campaign Writing

Using our expert knowledge of writing ads, we will produce a series of adverts for you to consider when first using PPC, and help make your ads more enticing for customers to click on.

Ongoing Keyword Development and Maintenance

We will keep on updating and reviewing current keywords, phrases and long tail keywords and on their performance on your ads, and make appropriate changes where required.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion into Ads

Using your keywords on an ad can be just as helpful when creating ads, using this knowledge we will integrate a selection of keywords to improve the advert for you and the customer.

Google Analytics Integration & Goal Tracking

With the use of Google Analytics, we can combine this with AdWords and help us in producing an expert statistical report on how well your keywords and ads are doing and any changes to website traffic.

Ad Scheduling Testing

Before we begin running ads we will help in creating test ads for demonstrating what an excellent tool AdWords is to increase traffic to your site and also to show you our knowledge in creating top quality adverts.

Strategic Bid Management

Working on your strategy we will decide with you the best course of action when it comes to deciding how much money you put towards each campaign and your adverts.

PPC Account Settings Monitoring

We also help in making sure the campaign settings are set to the optimum settings, allowing your ads to run to your needs. This includes using geographic focusing to target specific audiences and their locations and focusing on time zones, language and currency.

Monitoring Clicks, Conversions and Click Through Rates

Using our analytics tools we will monitor Click Through Rates which show you how many people are clicking on your ad and through onto your website and/or landing page. We can also check to see if any customers have carried on to your website and given you a call or made an online purchase. These will be seen as conversion rates on our analysis.

Landing Page Design & Implementation

We will create, design and implement landing pages to be used alongside your ads in providing a welcoming page for your customers to be sent to when clicking the advert, this will provide a visitor with the option to click through to your site after being welcomed by the landing page.

Geographic Localisation

We use postcodes or a radius approach of miles for your local area to build up your geographic target audience and opportunities in your local area. Your adverts will appear when people searching within this area search your keywords on Google.

Ad Extensions

A special feature we use that can improve your ads in adding extra information about your business, including; phone numbers, address details, store rating and web page links.

Monthly Performance & Analysis Reporting

We also offer monthly performance and analysis reporting for your existing campaigns to keep you up to date on the performance of your ads and review ways to improve your current ads.

Device Preference Campaign

With current changes in technology, mobile and tablet devices are becoming more popular in regards to browsing the web. We can help you in specifying whether you want your ad to be more mobile based or desktop based and help in manually focusing your budget more to mobile or desktop.

ROI Tracking & Tagging

We use ROI tracking to review how well your ads are working in regards to profits by calculating how much you spend on each ad, to the amount you receive from each ad.

Full Account Access

We give you full access to your AdWords account so that you can see first-hand how well your campaigns are performing.

Support Email and Skype Chat

We also provide email and chat support if you have any queries regarding your campaign and adverts or wish to provide us with more information regarding your campaigns.

All prices exclude VAT.    £150 Per Month Plus Budget Direct to Google. Suggested Minimum Budget Example £200 Per Month £250 Per Month Plus Budget Direct to Google. Suggested Minimum Budget Example £350 Per Month
PPC Strategy

We can get to know your business, industry sector, competitors and UPS's to fully tailor a campaign for you and develop a strategy that will to deliver the results you need.


We'll research your market and constantly refine your keywords to ensure you aren't overspending. We exclude possible 'red herrings' to ensure you aren't paying for pointless clicks.

Adcopy Writing and Custom Landing pages

We write the adverts and custom landing pages with the target audience(s) in mind, and strong calls-to-action to increase potential sales. When traffic is gained via a PPC campaign then when focused through a specific landing page the conversion to an enquiry and sale will increase.


By using Google Analytics we can accurately measure the effectiveness of the campaigns, and constantly focus & refine to obtain the best results for your budget.


We can provide reports in whatever format suits you best, written or conversational, and present these to you in an agreed time framework to discuss results and how best to progress with the campaign.


I agree to you collecting and storing my data and I have read the privacy policy. I understand that you will not pass my information to third parties and will not use my details for marketing purposes. My information will be used for contact purposes only.


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