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Tips for creating media of any type
Author: Victoria Jones

Media covers a lot of different topics, an d though we are called Creating Media we specialise in websites, graphic design and printed marketing materials. However ‘media’ can also refer to  press releases, films, photography or adverts, among other things.

When you are creating media – any media – you always need to keep your purpose in mind.

Who are you creating it for?

What outcome do you want?

What’s already out there that’s similar?

You tone of voice and content will change whether you are writing to prospective customers, suppliers, other people in your industry etc. Think of retail products as a prime example of this – a totally different voice is used when selling wholesale to distributors to when the product is sold directly to individual customers, as these demographics have very different needs and concerns. Where you want a specific action make sure you use a clear call-to-action – ‘Buy now’, ‘Contact us today’, ‘Visit our website’ etc.

You also need to check out similar pieces of media that are already out there. Firstly, make sure you aren’t entirely ‘ripping off’ someone else’s work, but also learn from the examples. What worked? What didn’t?

Plan your publicity channels well – for example, it’s no good publishing an article aimed at the general public in a trade publication. Facebook is the best social network for connecting with the general public, however if you are after companies or businesses then use Twitter or LinkedIn. Think of Innocent Smoothies – when they started out they could only afford one large billboard publication, so they chose the one nearest the large supermarket headquarters.

When you have created your new media and are ready to publicise it, ensure you have a good way to measure your return and outcome.  Did your campaign achieve what you wanted it to? What can you learn for next time?

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