Valentines Day for Valentine's Day haters Valentines Day for Valentine's Day haters
For anyone who doesn’t like Valentine’s Day – there are a few sets of fantastic cards for singletons and Valentines sceptics. The first set, from Dysfunctional Valentines, are available for couples who want to send mushy message with a twist… such as ‘You’ll do’ and ‘You’re OK for your age’ (If you want to see the whole set just be aware that some have bad language) The second set, from Buzzfeeds Jen Lewis, are for those people who just want to re-affirm their self-love. ...
Fantastic Lego book scenes! Fantastic Lego book scenes!
Here in the Creating Media office we are big fans of both lovely books (anyone who has visited us can vouch for the wall of books!) and fantastic Lego – design genius! That’s why we loved finding the little Lego scenes created by Waterstone’s this week – depicting famous scenes from literature! As a big fan of both the books and TV series, I particularly loved the spoilerific ‘Red Wedding’ scene from the Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones series. And the Pride and Prejudice scene is particularly clever for how it creates a semi-submerged Mr Darcy! That’s the fantastic thing about Lego...
Tips for creating media of any type Tips for creating media of any type
Media covers a lot of different topics, an d though we are called Creating Media we specialise in websites, graphic design and printed marketing materials. However ‘media’ can also refer to  press releases, films, photography or adverts, among other things. When you are creating media – any media – you always need to keep your purpose in mind. Who are you creating it for? What outcome do you want? What’s already out there that’s similar? You tone of voice and content will change whether you are writing to prospective customers, suppliers, other people in your industry etc. Think of retail products as a prime example...