Hashtags on Facebook - Good idea or bandwagon? Hashtags on Facebook - Good idea or bandwagon?
So I found out today that facebook has finally decided to join in with the rest of the social media behemoths and offer searchable hashtags. This will come as a welcome feature for many people – primarily those who already added hashtags on facebook despite the fact they didn’t do anything, and those who were annoyed by this pointless trend (since the hashtags will now work). However, it adds a whole new dimension to the ‘privacy’ argument as the hashtags will be searchable to the public by default. I know plenty of people who are a bit paranoid about their facebook...
Channel 4 Scrapbook Channel 4 Scrapbook
We found out today that Channel 4 has launched an online Channel 4 scrapbook – where you can ‘cut out and keep’ the best of its lifestyle articles. After a quick poke around, it seems fairly obvious they are trying to cash in on the success of Pinterest (an office addiction here at Creating Media!), as the format is very similar. They have set up a few scrapbooks (similar to Pinterest’s boards) relating to various home, style and, most importantly, food programs that the channel broadcast. So think – a scrapbook relating to the various recipes used on Come Dine With Me, or craft ideas...