Creating Media work - Four Stars Tack Shop Creating Media work - Four Stars Tack Shop
Recently we helped a client launch an online business, by creating the logo, business cards and e-commerce website for the Four Stars Tack Shop. We designed the logo based on a photo of one of the business partners, Julie, riding her horse. Our illustrator experimented with a few different styles for the horse, as well different placements and styles for the stars we wanted to include. Once we had settled on the final logo we designed and printed the business cards, as well as getting a holding page up to a tight deadline as the Four Stars team were going to a...
What is 'Creativity'? What is 'Creativity'?
The other day I was talking to an Accountant, let’s call her Lisa. Lisa was telling me that she is “not creative” at all. I asked her why she thought that and she told me that she likes lines and spreadsheets, plain paper and freedom of space freaks her out. The conversation reminded me of being at senior school and being told that I was not creative, because I couldn’t draw, I wouldn’t sew and that was it. Seriously. OK, this was MANY years ago but I left the education system with my seven GCSE’s and a clear understanding that I...
Kickstarter favourites - LIX 3D Drawing Pen Kickstarter favourites - LIX 3D Drawing Pen
  At Creating Media we love a good nerdy gadget – and we ADORE this Kickstarter project for a 3D printing pen. We have been keeping an eye on the latest developments in 3D printing technology, and this one really is an awesome step forward. Of course, we saw the previous incarnations of 3D printing pens but they didn’t appeal as they were large, clunky and noisy. The next step on is this project from LIX – a real sized pen that plugs into a USB socket to heat plastic and let you draw in mid-air. It really needs to be seen to...