5 top tips to improve your SEO in a few hours 5 top tips to improve your SEO in a few hours
We all know that SEO is important, but how do you actually interpret and tackle the link-building, content marketing, social signals and all the other jargon and geek-speak that  you see bandied around. We thought we’d throw together a few quick, easy tips that you can carry out in just a few hours to help your website be more visible to google. Many SEO techniques need access to change the code on the website, but there are some quick and easy techniques that you can use even without this.   1. Google+ Creating a Google+/Google Places for Business page is probably one of the...
Creating Media Work - 7's HR & Training Creating Media Work - 7's HR & Training
We are really happy to announce that today sees the new brand re-launch of 7’s HR & Training! We have been thrilled to work with Stephanie of 7’s HR on the design of the new brand, and have been involved heavily since the early stages of the rebrand. We have also introduced her to another one of our clients which has already resulted in paid work for her – we love making connections and building local business! We were initially going to design the logo, but one of Stephanie’s clients are also a graphic design agency who had offered to create...
Keep lots more secrets over at Pinterest boards Keep lots more secrets over at Pinterest boards
We are BIG fans of Pinterest in the Creating Media office, and we regularly use the secret board feature for researching clients, leads and inspiration. That’s why we were absolutely thrilled to find out the Pinterest will now offer unlimited secret boards (there used to be a maximum of three – so we were forever deleting and recreating boards) We came up with our top 5 tips for using the secret boards on Pinterest: 1. Market research. We very often use secret Pinterest boards as part of our research process for new clients and leads – you can share the link if you want...