Creating Media work - Estuary Oils Creating Media work - Estuary Oils
At Creating Media, we have recently been working with Andrew Mould at Estuary Oils to help with the launch of his company, in all aspects of branding, marketing, web, design and print. The process started some time ago, with a logo design. The design took inspiration from the bold and simple logos of well-known oil companies like Chevron, Shell and Texaco, with their widespread use of primary colours and bold shapes – easily recognisable from a distance. We then moved on to website concepts, using the bold colours, lots of great images and easily visible contact details. Take a look at the...
Creating Media's Top 5 Sins of Stock Photography Creating Media's Top 5 Sins of Stock Photography
Ah stock photography. Some people see it as a useful tool, others as a necessary evil, and still others as something to avoid altogether. Here at Creating Media, we do prefer to use clients own photography where possible (or even take photos for our clients ourselves!) but sometimes a bit of stock photography is actually better to use – but use with caution! There are some amazing examples out there, but for every great stock image you can guarantee a dozen horrible clichés… these are some of our top stock photography no-nos! Keyboards You have an abstract concept that you just don’t know...